Our industry is always evolving therefore we constantly require the continuous education of our craft. We believe in all hairdressers. Passion and commitment live inside all of us who want to experience something new and different. One of the most important elements that is key in our philosophy is the mindset. We believe in awareness and all that surrounds us. This mindset is the corner stone which propels creativity and destroys fear. We like to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and safe because only then can you accept information freely. We encourage artists to openly express themselves and exchange ideas, to feel free in an environment that captivates the imagination of the mind and spirit. We see the importance for hairdressers to be able to connect on a deeper level within themselves and with others. We want to blend the elements of a new modern methodology, Fusion, with the spirit and raw passion of an artist. We promote individuality using the endless amounts of techniques, which allows you to be fluid whether cutting, styling or designing.

The transfer of information is incredibly important to us. We educate using “Real Time” which is working step by step in unison with the instructor to ensure complete insight and quality. It is our passion to share our knowledge and experience with stylists that are looking to be inspired. Our goal is to affect hairdressers and approach hair in a different way because we believe The Fusion Methodology will inspire and unlock your creativity as hair artists. 

Michael Polsinelli